Chipboard Sheets 2440mm x 1220mm

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Versatile non-structural low cost furniture board. To make an enquiry and place an order, or if you require our specialist cutting services please call or email us for a quote.

This product can only be delivered within a 20 mile radius of Keighley, West Yorkshire or collected from our showroom. See ‘about’ page for ordering delivery and returns policies and price.


Uses include general purpose joinery, cabinet making, boxing in, wall and ceiling linings, cupboards and internal fittings.

Made from graded wood particles glued and formed into layered mats. Panel can be trimmed and sanded to precise shapes. If you require our specialist cutting services, please call or email us for a quote as you may incur extra charges.

We keep the sheets here at Keighley Timber in two sizes, 18mm and 12mm.